A taste of ’57: Savoury cheese canapés

By Weekend Reporters With rationing over and fresh food abundant, Good Housekeeping’s Picture Cookery book showed how to turn it into something special  Pass these nostalgic snacks round at your next cocktail party   SAVOURY CHEESE CANAPES Makes 8-10 canapés For the cheese pastry 115g (4oz) flour ½tsp salt A pinch of pepper 55g (2oz) butter 55g (2oz) grated cheese 1 egg yolk For the canapés 1 small tub cream cheese Read more [...]

Genie Bouchard reveals she likes to dip pizza in soy sauce

Genie, 23, tweeted about her pizza preference on Tuesday Many people who responded were disgusted, though a few said they couldn't pass judgement until they tried it Anchors of a Canadian sports show even tested it on air with split opinions This year, strawberry pizza, and pizza dipped in milk have both gone viral for similar reasons, sparking intense debate on social media By Carly Stern For Dailymail.com Canadian tennis player Genie Bouchard is making quite a racket on Twitter. Read more [...]

NYC’s 29B Teahouse serves matcha-infused BEER

29B Teahouse opened in October in Manhattan's East Village On the menu is a rice-based lager mixed with matcha, which turns it green The alcoholic beverage is served in a glass, just like normal beer, and contains no dyes or food coloring By Carly Stern For Dailymail.com A new teahouse in New York City is serving up green beer all year round — and it has nothing to do with the Irish. Brand new to Manhattan's East Village, 29B Teahouse serves a range of teas, both hot and cold-brewed. Read more [...]

The very surprising things you should keep in the fridge

Good Housekeeping Institute has revealed the unusual items to keep chilled They include nuts, as they retain their flavour if kept in the fridge, it's said Foundation will keep in better condition if stored in a container in the fridge too  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline From eggs to bread and table sauces, there are certain foods that constantly cause arguments over whether they belong in the fridge or in a cupboard at room temperature. Now Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) has Read more [...]

What to eat for a perfect night’s sleep

Five foods can help you get better sleep, according to National Geographic Food You should avoid caffeine, alcohol, and spicy or fatty foods Instead eat foods rich in magnesium and sleep-inducing tryptophan  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline Insomnia is a real affliction affecting millions of us everyday, with the average person in the UK losing a whole night's worth of sleep every week. But experts say you could improve your chances of getting a decent night's shut-eye by eating Read more [...]

The Hairy Bikers’ best of the Med: Corsican lamb

By Si King And Dave Myers For Weekend Si King and Dave Myers with a second helping of divine dishes from their new Mediterranean cook book   Switch up your roast dinners with this juicy lamb recipe which goes great with potatoes Give your Sunday roast the Mediterranean touch. Corsicans love their meat and cook it well, and when you use this recipe with our British lamb you have something really special. Serves 6 1.5kg (3lb 5oz) lamb leg or shoulder, Read more [...]

One hump or two? Asda to start selling camel milk

Asda has announced it will start selling the milk in selected British stores It will cost £2.85 for 235ml and is lactose-free and has half the fat of cow’s milk Popularity surged after Kim Kardashian posted a picture of a glass of the milk  By Liz Hull for the Daily Mail Camelicious will soon be available at selected Asda stores, but at £2.85 for 235ml it does not come cheap First it was soya, then almond and coconut milk were hailed as the trendy, Read more [...]

Starbucks is teaming up with Italian bakery Princi

The new eatery, called Princi at Starbucks, is set to open in the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle  The Italian bakery and cafe is famed for its breads, baked goods and pastries, which are all crafted on-site However, customers will not be able to order off a menu -  staff will make a selection for them after asking what kind of mood they're in   The coffee chain announced it had become a global licensee and investor of Princi in 2016 It plans on opening several stand-alone Read more [...]

Coffee shop chains have to steal customers from each other

By Tessa Cunningham for the Daily Mail Remember when a takeaway coffee meant a polystyrene cup filled with a muddy puddle of scalding water flavoured by a scoop of acrid brown powder? So profound has been the effect of Starbucks, Costa and the other High Street coffee giants on our drinking habits that it now sounds like something out of the Dark Ages. If you turn the clock back just over a decade, there were fewer than 10,000 places where you could buy a takeaway coffee in the UK. Read more [...]

M&S Christmas advert stars a cuddly Paddington Bear

M&S's advert is very different from its usual celebrity-studded festive campaigns This year it stars Paddington Bear who unwittingly stops a burglar from stealing  Tearjerker ends with the burglar seeing the error of his ways thanks to the bear  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline Its Christmas adverts usually feature a star-studded cast of actors or famous singers showing off its range of clothes and food. But this year, M&S has gone for a very different approach with its Read more [...]