Round K’s matte black latte comes with black whipped cream

Round K started selling the $6.50 drink earlier this year Owner Ockhyeon Byeon wanted to redefine what a 'black coffee' is  It's made with espresso, almond milk,  Dutch process cacao, and organic coconut ash, which turns it black The whipped cream on top is also made with black coconut ash  By Carly Stern For The backlash against unicorn lattes and Frappucchinos has given rise to a new coffee drink that's the exact opposite of the rainbow sparkly concoctions Read more [...]

Giorgios family feasts: Paradise cake 

By Giorgio Locatelli For Weekend Magazine Big Family Cooking Showdown judge Giorgio Locatelli shares the delicious Italian dishes he cooks at home in his new book   This soft, light Genoese-style cakee has a sweet vanilla flavour which bursts when served with custard  This is one of those lovely, soft, light Genoese-style cakes that at one time everyone baked at home. My grandmother used to keep a box on top of the cupboard in our kitchen that Read more [...]

The healthy swaps you can make at fast food chains

Nutritionist Abigail Montgomery has revealed calorie-saving like-for-like swaps They include a KFC meal swap that can save as many as 660 calories  One meaty Domino's pizza contains a whopping 2,060 calories   By Imogen Blake For Mailonline Fast food is cheap and convenient but everybody knows it isn't exactly good for you. However if you want to indulge but not completely overdo it, nutritionist Abigail Montgomery has revealed the very easy swaps that can save you Read more [...]

How to remove any takeaway stain from furniture or clothes

Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) shares the easy cleaning hacks for stains Curry sauce should be treated by blotting the mark with denatured alcohol  Pizza stains are toughest but can be removed with detergent and stain remover  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline If you're not going out, then there's nothing nicer than settling in front of the TV on a Friday or Saturday night with your favourite takeaway. However these deliciously greasy and sticky meals can quite easily stain Read more [...]

La Revolucion create a 23 karat gold taco for $35

The 23 karat taco was created by popular Melbourne food truck La Revolucion Owner Mariano Cingerle wanted to make a taco that 'hadn't been seen before' Taco is filled with premium scotch fillet steak, fresh salsa verde, white truffle oil By Anneta Konstantinides For Daily Mail Australia It's beautiful, expensive, and popping up on Instagrams all over Melbourne. Bet you didn't think we were talking about a taco. But La Revolucion's newest creation isn't just any ordinary taco - it's Read more [...]

22,000 $100 Olive Garden Pasta Passes sold out INSTANTALY

On September 14, Olive Garden sold passes that entitled people to eight weeks of unlimited pasta, breadsticks, soup and salad They sold out in a fraction of a second, leaving many hopefuls disappointed  By Carly Stern For Olive Garden's latest big deal has made some diners euphorically happy — and left quite a few others in tears.  Last week, the Italian chain released its fourth-annual Pasta Pass, a personalized savings card that entitles the cardholder to eight Read more [...]

Hospitality Training Solutions on cocktail pronounciation

Pronunciation guide reveals if you've been saying these cocktails correctly A Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail, is pronounced: 'Kai-Pee-Reen-Ya'  Glögg, the Swedish version of mulled wine, is actually said like 'Glug'  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline We all know how to order a gin and tonic or a martini without sounding foolish, but these days bars have dozens of exotic cocktails - with equally exotic names - on their menus. Now a new guide reveals exactly how to Read more [...]

Poldark on your plate! Underground roast

By Jean Graham For Weekend Magazine Bring a taste of the TV show to your table with these recipes from Jean Graham, wife of Poldark author Winston This traditional Cornish dish is known as ‘underground’ roast – perhaps because the meat is hidden under the potatoes This traditional Cornish dish is known as ‘underground’ roast – perhaps because the meat is hidden under the potatoes.  Any kind of meat may be used for it – steak, pork fillet, Read more [...]

Aldi launches a THREE-LITRE bottle of Prosecco

Aldi is to launch a jeroboam of Prosecco in time for the Christmas period It costs just £39.99 - compared to another jeroboam at Selfridge's for £99.99 The booze will be available to buy from November 14  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline If you've ever run out of Prosecco at a party, then a new jumbo-sized bottle launching at discount supermarket Aldi could be the answer to your problems. The German-owned chain is to launch a three-litre jeroboam of Prosecco in time for the festive Read more [...]

How much water you should really drink during exercise

Trainer Brad Kolowich, Jr. and journalist Robert J. Davis reveal how much to drink They say you should have a 500ml bottle of water during 60 minutes of exercise They add that you should only sip at water if you are exercising for longer  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline Everyone knows that you should keep a bottle of water handy when you're exercising, so you can replace the fluids lost through sweating. But now a LA-based fitness trainer, who says he has worked with Clueless Read more [...]