How much do you really need to buy for Christmas dinner?

Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) shares quantities to prevent over-spending Allow for 500g per person when buying a whole turkey, or 4kg for eight people You'll also need 80g of sprouts for each person at the dinner table  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline Christmas is up to 16 per cent more expensive this year than last, so it's essential that you don't buy more than you really need. Now the experts at Good Housekeeping Institute have revealed the exact amounts you will need to feed Read more [...]

The easy food swaps to make at the Christmas party buffet

Swap 440-calorie Eggnog for 106-calorie mulled wine at the Christmas party Make healthy choices by choosing scallops instead of pigs in blankets Ditch the mince pies and Christmas cake for fruit salad with ice cream, too  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline Christmas is a time to unfasten your waistband and let your belly out - but before the big day, there's the festive party dress to fit into. And shiny new outfits can start to feel tight all of a sudden if you over-indulge at the Christmas Read more [...]

Sell-by dates you shouldn’t swallow because they’re a myth

Co-op has introduced a new '10p aisle' for food that is past its 'Best Before' date The average shopper spends - wastes - up to £60 a month on fruit, veg and bread You can scrape the mould off a piece of cheese and eat what was underneath it  And soggy crisps aren’t ideal, but they’re safe - the high salt content sees to that By Joanna Blythman For The Daily Mail Hurrah for the Co-Op! I’m no fan of supermarkets, but I’m delighted by its decision to introduce a ‘10p aisle’ Read more [...]

The fat-filled holiday hot brews reviewed

By Harry Wallop For The Daily Mail Christmas has always been a time of indulgence. But that used to mean feasting around the family table on the big day itself, or scoffing one too many chocolates while slumped on the sofa on Boxing Day. Until now.  For there’s a worrying, not to mention fattening, trend for Yuletide drinks — from eggnog lattes to mince pie flat whites — that contain more calories than Christmas cake. Some people lay the blame for the obesity crisis at the Read more [...]

Sweet potato toast is the latest health food trend 

People are now using sweet potato slices as an alternative to bread, putting the pieces in the toaster or an oven to cook them like a normal piece of toast  As with other healthy trends like avocado toast, sweet potato toast has quickly taken social media by storm, with dozens of people sharing their versions The Instagram hashtag #sweetpotatotoast has been trending in the last few weeks and has already amassed more than 12,500 posts - and counting By Olivia Elgart For Read more [...]

Gordon Ramsay’s beef carpaccio starter mocked on Facebook

Gordon Ramsay posted photo of the dish on his Facebook page to 7.5m followers Foodies criticised the presentation and say the dish doesn't have enough food The starter contains pricey Wagyu beef, a devilled quail's egg and a truffle salsa  Gordon Ramsay has not yet responded to his critics  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline He's more than happy to roast his fans on Twitter when they send him a picture of their poorly made meal. But now Gordon Ramsay finally knows how it feels Read more [...]

Graphics reveal every chocolate that has shrunk in size

The images reveal just how much popular chocolates have shrunk since 2012 Tubs of festive Quality Street have reduced in size since 2012 Terry's Chocolate Orange has become smaller and more expensive   By Imogen Blake For Mailonline From Snickers and Maltesers to Quality Street and the much loved Chocolate Orange, many of the most famous chocolate brands have dwindled in size over the last five years. It's the curse of shrinkflation; the phenomenon which sees products remain the Read more [...]

Sales of cheaper cuts of meat are soaring

Supermarkets have been increasingly stocking ranges of 'forgotten' cuts of meat Sales of pigs' trotters, pork cheeks, shanks and beef brisket are all soaring Waitrose has now seen sales of trotters jump by more than a third from last year By Sean Poulter, Consumer Affairs Editor For The Daily Mail Forget fillet steak and pork chops... sales of pigs' trotters are soaring thanks to a revival of old-fashioned cheaper cuts of meat. The nation's appetite for pork cheeks, shanks and beef brisket Read more [...]

Gwyneth Paltrow likes Israeli Pesek Zman chocolate spread

Gwyneth, 48, appears to have given up her sugar free diet in revealing photo Instagram snap shows ex-husband and 'fiancé' Brad enjoying chocolate spread The Israeli version of Nutella sells for between $10-$14 online  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline She was said to have followed a strict sugar-free diet when she was married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. But it seems Gwyneth Paltrow, 48, has relaxed some of her strict dietary rules now she is with TV producer Brad Falchuk, 45, Read more [...]

Prison restaurants beat celebrity chefs’ eateries

The Clink restaurant is a chain that operates at four secure prisons in England The restaurant chain is currently  beating establishments by celebrity chefs  TripAdvisor says that three of the four restaurants are rated No 1 in their areas Inmates with 6 to 18 months left of their sentence can apply for the restaurant By Ian Drury, Home Affairs Editor For The Daily Mail For a top dining destination, the décor is unconventional: bars on the windows, panic buttons embedded into Read more [...]