Mother created simple shopping game now used by Asda

Jenny Barnett, 32, from Middlesbrough, has a five-year-old autistic son, Charlie Was finding it difficult to complete the weekly shop with him in tow Designed and created a child-friendly shopping list using symbols of groceries Happy Little Helpers aims to keep children entertained during the shop Asda have rolled it out into 300 stores nationwide   By Bianca London for MailOnline A mother of an autistic boy created a simple shopping game to make his trips to the supermarket easier Read more [...]

Inside the spa that gave Pippa Middleton pre-wedding glow

EXCLUSIVE: Spa understood to have been visited by Pippa as a bride-to-be FEMAIL goes inside the exclusive Santi Spa - known for its celebrity clientele    The clinic offers tailor-made packages for brides using one-of-a-kind equipment  The Duchess of Cambridge's sister tied the knot to James Matthews on May 20  By Hana Carter For Mailonline Her pert derriere was responsible for stealing the lime-light at the Royal Wedding, but when it came to Pippa Middleton's Read more [...]

Pet owners who treat dogs better than their children

Dog owners have been sharing amusing snaps of their four-legged friends  Includes lavish beds, ample toy collections and even an in-house pet spa Some of the pooches are more spoiled than the family's children By Bianca London for MailOnline They say dog is a man's best friend and these photos of owners pampering their furry friends really prove why. While most dogs seem content with a snug basket and bowl of food, for these pampered pooches, lavish beds, ample toy collections and Read more [...]

Researchers reveal the UK’s most unpopular baby names

Office for National Statistics revealed Olivia and Oliver are most popular names But no Baby Centre has listed the monikers that have fallen out of favour Cynthia, Bertha and Dorothy are out of fashion for baby girls Ian, Clarence and Frank are most unpopular boys' monikers   By Siofra Brennan For Mailonline Oliver and Olivia are the UK's most popular baby names, with unusual monikers and Game of Thrones-inspired titles such as Khaleesi on the rise.  But as quirky names become Read more [...]

Tanya Hennessy’s hilarious video on life with big breasts 

Australian comedian, Tanya Hennessy, recently shared a parody video online  In it she jokes about the struggle of having larger breasts Only posted yesterday, the video already has thousands of views and comments  She jokes that if she wants to exercise she's going to have to wear 45 sports bras  By Billie Schwab Dunn For Daily Mail Australia An Australian comedian and YouTuber has shared the perils of having larger breasts in a video she posted online. Tanya Hennessy Read more [...]

Mummy blogger shares post on leaving child for first time

Sophie Lilley explained how she was preparing for Evelyn to go into childcare She said she was crying while writing a 'neurotic' manual for the childminder Her honest post struck a chord with other mothers, who shared own experiences By Emily Chan For Mailonline Letting go of your child for the first time is a difficult moment for any mother. And one mummy blogger has captured just how emotional it can be in a very candid Facebook post. Sophie Lilley, who runs the site Tired 'N Tested, Read more [...]

‘Very slim’ Mumsnet mother blasted over ‘smug’ lunch post

'Very slim' Mumsnet user posted a picture of the chicken salad she had for lunch Also offered unwanted advice on how other women could do the same  She claimed to be sharing the post in case other mothers were 'interested'  But she was ridiculed by other women who called her 'horrendously smug' By Stephanie Linning for MailOnline An 8st mother was mocked by other women after she shared an unsolicited photo of the chicken salad she had for lunch - and offered unwanted advice Read more [...]

Embarrassing Bodies’ Doctor on right way to use deodorant

Doctor Dawn Harper reveals the common mistakes we make with antiperspirant Says that antiperspirant need only be applied once or twice a week   Adds that it is important for it to be applied to completely dry skin   By Martha Cliff for MailOnline When it comes to our morning routine there are few of us who would leave the house without applying antiperspirant. And while it may seem like the simplest of tasks, according to medical professionals, most of us have been getting Read more [...]

Designer Natasha Zinko unveils bizarre £500 layered jeans

Designer Natasha Zinko is selling a bizarre pair of High Waist Double Jeans  Have contrasting side stripes, layered waistband and seven pockets The £525.70 ($695) garment have already sold out online Topshop created invisible jeans earlier this year, while Y-Plan did detachables   By Bianca London for MailOnline Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears' matchy-matchy double denim look may have gone down as one of the biggest fashion faux pas in history but it seems that the style Read more [...]

How much air takes up space in crisp packets

Researchers tested to see how much air 15 major crisp brands contain They found a bag of Popchips contained a whopping 72 per cent air Wotsits contained the least amount of air, with 18 per cent of the packet empty  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline It's a familar tale for crisp fans everywhere: you open up a packet only for half of it to be empty. Now researchers have calculated how much air is really in your favourite crisp packets - and it's even more than you might think. The experts Read more [...]