Mummy blogger shares post on leaving child for first time

Sophie Lilley explained how she was preparing for Evelyn to go into childcare She said she was crying while writing a 'neurotic' manual for the childminder Her honest post struck a chord with other mothers, who shared own experiences By Emily Chan For Mailonline Letting go of your child for the first time is a difficult moment for any mother. And one mummy blogger has captured just how emotional it can be in a very candid Facebook post. Sophie Lilley, who runs the site Tired 'N Tested, Read more [...]

22,000 $100 Olive Garden Pasta Passes sold out INSTANTALY

On September 14, Olive Garden sold passes that entitled people to eight weeks of unlimited pasta, breadsticks, soup and salad They sold out in a fraction of a second, leaving many hopefuls disappointed  By Carly Stern For Olive Garden's latest big deal has made some diners euphorically happy — and left quite a few others in tears.  Last week, the Italian chain released its fourth-annual Pasta Pass, a personalized savings card that entitles the cardholder to eight Read more [...]

‘Very slim’ Mumsnet mother blasted over ‘smug’ lunch post

'Very slim' Mumsnet user posted a picture of the chicken salad she had for lunch Also offered unwanted advice on how other women could do the same  She claimed to be sharing the post in case other mothers were 'interested'  But she was ridiculed by other women who called her 'horrendously smug' By Stephanie Linning for MailOnline An 8st mother was mocked by other women after she shared an unsolicited photo of the chicken salad she had for lunch - and offered unwanted advice Read more [...]

Hospitality Training Solutions on cocktail pronounciation

Pronunciation guide reveals if you've been saying these cocktails correctly A Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail, is pronounced: 'Kai-Pee-Reen-Ya'  Glögg, the Swedish version of mulled wine, is actually said like 'Glug'  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline We all know how to order a gin and tonic or a martini without sounding foolish, but these days bars have dozens of exotic cocktails - with equally exotic names - on their menus. Now a new guide reveals exactly how to Read more [...]

Embarrassing Bodies’ Doctor on right way to use deodorant

Doctor Dawn Harper reveals the common mistakes we make with antiperspirant Says that antiperspirant need only be applied once or twice a week   Adds that it is important for it to be applied to completely dry skin   By Martha Cliff for MailOnline When it comes to our morning routine there are few of us who would leave the house without applying antiperspirant. And while it may seem like the simplest of tasks, according to medical professionals, most of us have been getting Read more [...]

Poldark on your plate! Underground roast

By Jean Graham For Weekend Magazine Bring a taste of the TV show to your table with these recipes from Jean Graham, wife of Poldark author Winston This traditional Cornish dish is known as ‘underground’ roast – perhaps because the meat is hidden under the potatoes This traditional Cornish dish is known as ‘underground’ roast – perhaps because the meat is hidden under the potatoes.  Any kind of meat may be used for it – steak, pork fillet, Read more [...]

Designer Natasha Zinko unveils bizarre £500 layered jeans

Designer Natasha Zinko is selling a bizarre pair of High Waist Double Jeans  Have contrasting side stripes, layered waistband and seven pockets The £525.70 ($695) garment have already sold out online Topshop created invisible jeans earlier this year, while Y-Plan did detachables   By Bianca London for MailOnline Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears' matchy-matchy double denim look may have gone down as one of the biggest fashion faux pas in history but it seems that the style Read more [...]

How much air takes up space in crisp packets

Researchers tested to see how much air 15 major crisp brands contain They found a bag of Popchips contained a whopping 72 per cent air Wotsits contained the least amount of air, with 18 per cent of the packet empty  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline It's a familar tale for crisp fans everywhere: you open up a packet only for half of it to be empty. Now researchers have calculated how much air is really in your favourite crisp packets - and it's even more than you might think. The experts Read more [...]

Aldi launches a THREE-LITRE bottle of Prosecco

Aldi is to launch a jeroboam of Prosecco in time for the Christmas period It costs just £39.99 - compared to another jeroboam at Selfridge's for £99.99 The booze will be available to buy from November 14  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline If you've ever run out of Prosecco at a party, then a new jumbo-sized bottle launching at discount supermarket Aldi could be the answer to your problems. The German-owned chain is to launch a three-litre jeroboam of Prosecco in time for the festive Read more [...]

Hilarious pictures prove that cats will sleep anywhere

Hilarious pictures show cats sleeping in the most uncomfortable looking places One tiny kitten looked very cosy as it fell asleep in its owner's t-shirt pocket  Forgoing its comfy cat bed, another feline settled down for the night in a bin By Molly Rose Pike For Mailonline All pet owners know the pain of splashing out on an expensive cat bed... only to find that their furry friend prefers the comfort of a cardboard box. And these hilarious new pictures shared online prove that cats Read more [...]