Finding Me A Family viewers in tears over Lewis’ story

Channel 4 show Finding Me A Family features an adoption activity day Children looking for 'forever homes' are introduced to approved adopters One of the children was six-year-old Lewis, who is currently with a foster family Viewers were left emotional as he bonded with a 'new mum and dad' at the event By Stephanie Linning for MailOnline With its magic tricks and balloon animals, this looks like any other colourful children's party. But while the guests are having fun playing together, Read more [...]

The easy food swaps to make at the Christmas party buffet

Swap 440-calorie Eggnog for 106-calorie mulled wine at the Christmas party Make healthy choices by choosing scallops instead of pigs in blankets Ditch the mince pies and Christmas cake for fruit salad with ice cream, too  By Imogen Blake For Mailonline Christmas is a time to unfasten your waistband and let your belly out - but before the big day, there's the festive party dress to fit into. And shiny new outfits can start to feel tight all of a sudden if you over-indulge at the Christmas Read more [...]

Canberra haute couture designer at Paris Fashion Week

Hajar Gala, 53, had to shut her couture business in 2005 due to family issues Had just shown a collection in Florence and was getting interest from magazines She worked freelance for a decade before opening shop De Challie again in 2015 This year she showed her collection in Paris and has found success once again By Anneta Konstantinides For Daily Mail Australia Just as she was on the cusp of fame in the fashion world, Hajar Gala was forced to close up her Sydney haute couture shop for Read more [...]

Sell-by dates you shouldn’t swallow because they’re a myth

Co-op has introduced a new '10p aisle' for food that is past its 'Best Before' date The average shopper spends - wastes - up to £60 a month on fruit, veg and bread You can scrape the mould off a piece of cheese and eat what was underneath it  And soggy crisps aren’t ideal, but they’re safe - the high salt content sees to that By Joanna Blythman For The Daily Mail Hurrah for the Co-Op! I’m no fan of supermarkets, but I’m delighted by its decision to introduce a ‘10p aisle’ Read more [...]

Bored children in supermarkets

Snaps of fed-up children shared on social media by amused parents Capture little ones napping in trolleys and playing in the cereal aisle Other children head for the shop window in the hope of being rescued   By Kerry Mcdermott For Mailonline The weekly supermarket shop is a chore few people look forward to - and it can be even more arduous with kids in tow. But spare a thought for the children, who have to endure trawling the aisles under the watchful eye of fraught parents, all Read more [...]

The fat-filled holiday hot brews reviewed

By Harry Wallop For The Daily Mail Christmas has always been a time of indulgence. But that used to mean feasting around the family table on the big day itself, or scoffing one too many chocolates while slumped on the sofa on Boxing Day. Until now.  For there’s a worrying, not to mention fattening, trend for Yuletide drinks — from eggnog lattes to mince pie flat whites — that contain more calories than Christmas cake. Some people lay the blame for the obesity crisis at the Read more [...]

Owners share photos of their cats’ elaborate hair styles

Owners have shared photos of their cats' outlandish hairstyles online  Several cats were left hairless after a trip to the vets required them to be shaved  In extreme cases some owners have gone as far as to dye their kitten's fur By Martha Cliff for MailOnline It isn't uncommon to see a well-groomed dog, however, these owners are determined to give their moggies a makeover. A new online gallery has revealed some of the most outlandish fur-dos owners have given their long-suffering Read more [...]

Getty archivist Matthew Butson on royal engagement photos

Getty archivist has picked nine royal engagement photos dating back 126 years His expert analysis offers insight into the relationship between the couples Experienced royal photographer also offers his take on what the pictures show Couples include King George VI and the Queen Mother and William and Kate  By Stephanie Linning and Unity Blott For Mailonline Nearly a week after their engagement was announced, the world remains excited about the news of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Read more [...]

Sweet potato toast is the latest health food trend 

People are now using sweet potato slices as an alternative to bread, putting the pieces in the toaster or an oven to cook them like a normal piece of toast  As with other healthy trends like avocado toast, sweet potato toast has quickly taken social media by storm, with dozens of people sharing their versions The Instagram hashtag #sweetpotatotoast has been trending in the last few weeks and has already amassed more than 12,500 posts - and counting By Olivia Elgart For Read more [...]

Prince Harry co-ordinates with Meghan Markle in Nottingham

Meghan and Harry had their first public engagement in Nottingham in Friday The couple appeared to have coordinated their outfits wearing navy and sand  Meghan opted for a Canadian brand for the second time since their engagement By Martha Cliff for MailOnline As they arrived in Nottingham for their first public engagement as a couple Meghan Markle and her husband-to-be Prince Harry appeared to be the perfect match. However, it was not just the couple who went hand in hand, with the Read more [...]